Time is illusion

Time is an illusion. We are constantly chasing after future projections haunted by past expiriences and often don’t pay enough attention to the very reality around us. All these concepts of reality are just a matrix holding us from simply living the present moment. We are caught up in a circle of consumption and entertainment doing all kinds of encurements and transactions all day long without any real purpose but feeding the elite. Wake up and start living!



Music is Revolution

Whatever the industry or the media is telling you about music is not true! Music is a journey like life itself. When it starts, you don’t know the journey that lies ahead of you. Music teaches YOU. Your instrument is just an illusion. You are the instrument and imagination is the motor.



Do what you love and love what you do!

One of my personal motto’s! In reality it takes a lot to ballance money and time to a degree that enables you to push your creative output to it’s peak and keep it in it’s purest form. But if you are ready to sacrifice and manage to stay focused you will get there eventually.